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Monday 24 March 2014

The Blues Collection - Carey & Lurrie Bell

Father and son Bluesmen Carey and Lurrie Bell are new names to me.
Carey is the daddy. Born in 1936 in Macon, Mississippi he was a harmonica player dying in Chicago in 2007 aged 70 .
Son Lurrie was born in 1958 in Chicago and is a blues guitarist
Both have had solo careers as well as recording together and with other assorted artists.
Although they  both write their own songs the two I have selected are both covers and were recorded in Chicago in  1998.
Lurrie takes the lead vocals on Albert King's Cadillac Assembly Line and is joined by assorted Bells - Steve,  Tyson and James with Pete Allen on guitar as the only non-Bell
On Muddy Watters' Sail On Carey assumes the lead vocals and is joined by Lurrie,Steve, Tyson and James. No room for Pete Allan on this one!
Whereas it is pretty hard to find fault with these numbers I find myself yearning for some of the earlier Bluesmen who may have been less technically efficient but who oozed raw passion and energy.

Lurrie Bell -Cadillac Assembly Line

Carey Bell -Sail On

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