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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

There's more ........ Beyond Words

8 Artists, 16 Tracks, 50p in a Charity Shop in Leith - There's more... Beyond Words a 1995 compilation of artists on the A&M label seemed to be worthy of a punt.
3 of the artists I was familiar with - Del Amitri, John Hiatt and Kevin Montgomery.
The other 5 were new names to me - Jackopierce, Jann Arden, The Caulfields, Jan Johnston and The Innocent Mission.
To be perfectly honest there is nothing particularly earth shattering on this compilation and certainly nothing to make me  rush out and pursue any of these artists in any more details.
The picks of the bunch are probably:
The Caulfields  who were an alternative rock band from Newark,Delaware and who recorded two albums on A&M - the album featured being Whirligig.
Jan Johnston  an English singer who appears to have had a reasonable career collaborating with some of the world's top trance music DJs (whatever that may mean).
Her album Naked But For The Lilies on which this track features I suspect precedes this phase of her career.

It's always good fun however having a lucky dip - you just never know!

The Caulfields - Fragile

Jan Johnston - Wild Child

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