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Sunday 2 March 2014

Southern Soul Sunday 22

Somewhat sadly, Denise LaSalle is best known in the UK for My Toot Toot which reached no 6 in the charts in 1985.
She does however have a large following in the States as a blues and soul singer.
Born in 1939 in Humphreys County, Mississippi as Ora Denise Allen she is thankfully still very much with us and still going strong
She has recorded a shed load of records over the years signing for the great Malaco label in the early 80's where she recorded a number of critically acclaimed records
The first song, the somewhat raunchy A  Lady in the Street, comes from this period being a single from 1983
The second song is an earlier number from 1971 shortly after she returned South from a number of years in Chicago.On the Westbound label it is produced by Willie Mitchell and is an early example of the Hi/Royal studio sound.
If you are ever in Jackson, Tennessee feel free to pop in to the Blues Legend restaurant she runs with her husband and say hello

Denise LaSalle - A Lady in the Street

Denise LaSalle - Breaking Up Somebody's Home


  1. Second song is quite possibly the best song you have ever posted. From the fantastic gospel opening to that superb Willie Mitchell music. This is awesome, awesome.

  2. It's a cracker isn't it
    Taken from th Kent 3 CD Box Set Take Me to the River - A Southern Soul Story 1961- 1977
    If you do not already have this it would be a splendid way to spend your birthday money!

  3. Would have to concur with George, that is one awesome track.

  4. I bought the damned set BEFORE you did!

  5. I've never really been much of a fan of Denise LaSalle - (apart from the great 'Trapped By a Thing Called Love') but it looks like I'll have to do some exploring through her early 70s material - great cover of Ann Peebles' Top 20 hit.

  6. To George ("I bought the damned set BEFORE you did!"):

    Who cares! Sounds a bit territorial and aggressive, no?

    1. Thanks Mum! However it took it in the spirit that it was intended

  7. Thanks ! Found a couple of her 70's (?) 45 rpm her in Montreal Quebec so I assume she is more popular & known than I expected. Great voice !

  8. I'm a big DL fan. Breaking Up Somebody's Home is on the On The Loose album from '73 where it is strangely credited to Denise whereas the Ann Peebles original was credited to Jackson/Matthews. The album has lots of good tracks including Your Man & Your Best Friend which is worth seeking out.

    I picked up a nice and minty copy of On The Loose a year or so ago and will forever wonder at the story behind the writing on the inner sleeve.