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Tuesday 25 March 2014

On the Eighth Day Machine Just Got Upset

Breaking Glass was an album by Hazel O'Connor from 1980.
It was also a film starring Hazel and Phil Daniels.  It was apparently co-produced by Dodi Fayed who famously died in a car crash with Diana Spencer in 1997.
I don't recall having seen the film but by all accounts it was pretty dreadful.
The same, however, cannot be said for the album of the same name which is pretty good and which went platinum reaching number 5 in the UK charts and spawned these two top ten singles.
The famous sax solo on Will You? is by Wesley Magoogan who very sadly lost all the fingers on one of his hands a few years later in a woodwork accident.
Hazel O'Connor is from Coventry and is a vegetarian.

Hazel O'Connor - Eighth Day

Hazel O'Connor - Will You?


  1. The Breaking Glass soundtrack is one of those guilty pleasured a few of my friends and I kept very much to ourselves at the time. Over time Hazel O'Connor has gone from Punk punchline to a bit more recognition as a performer/singer. I still remember back in 1980 how much negativity there was around her.

  2. For those of us of a certain age, I think Breaking Glass has a cult following here in America. I was about 12 or 13 ('82 or '83) when I saw it on a young cable channel called the USA Network. They used to play it late at night on an excellent weekend show called Night Flight. I haven't seen the movie since I was a kid, and I'm sure if I saw it now I would think it was horrible, but this might as well have been Citizen Kane to this young teen. These songs bring back some great memories.

    1. Don't recall having seen the film Brian but I do like the album