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Friday, 28 March 2014

Tartan Texans - Attic Lights

A series on Scottish acts who have (in my opinion) been influenced, however tenuously, by Americana/Alt Country/call it what you will.

Attic Lights are a Glasgow band founded in 2005.They have a Teenage Fanclub and Beach Boys feel about them and are described as indie pop or power pop - but I think there is a bit of an Americana in there as well.
They have had two album Friday Night Lights on Island in 2008 and Super Deluxe on Elefant in 2013.
When Minder was re-launched on Channel Five  in  2009 they recorded I Could Be So Good For You. I've never heard it but I'm willing to put my mortgage on it being better than the Dennis Waterman original.

These two tracks are taken from their self titled 2005 debut EP

Described in Americana UK  as "excellent Beach Boys power pop vocal harmonies " and by The Big Issue as "an infectious blend of swirling guitars and catchy choruses"
That's good enough for me.

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