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Friday 28 February 2014

Leith Walk Record Shops

Last Friday morning I had a meeting in the Scottish Government offices in Leith.
When  it finished rather than rushing back to work I decided to meander up Leith Walk  and visited a few charity shops making a few purchases.
Half way up the walk I stumbled across the splendid Elvis Shakespeare record and book shop where some purchases were duly made.
Then I had a quick pint in the Windsor Buffet before checking out Vinyl Villians (no relation to the great man I assume) where for a couple of quid I purchased Boyfriends and Love a compilation of Girl Groups of the 60's.It includes such gems as the Shangri-Las, the Shirelles, Dixie Cups and a few lesser known artists.
It was good to see some independent record shops still on the go. Unfortunately they are few and far between these days.I know that I am preaching to the converted but they desperately need our support.
As a generation we were spoilt for choice but they are increasingly becoming as rare as hen's teeth.


  1. no record shops round here. none. at all.

  2. Unfortunately, 'My Boyfriend's Back' isn't the original version.

    1. Not surprising really - it was a cheap and cheerful compilation