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Saturday 22 February 2014

All the Cops in the Donut Shops

The ever amusing Dick Van Dyke made a reference to the Bangles in a comment on one of Drew's recent posts on Across the Kitchen Table.
This got me to singing one of my favourite lines in pop music "All the Cops in the Donut Shops" from Walk Like an Egyptian which I often sing, albeit under my breath obviously, whenever I see a rotund member of the law enforcement agencies.
In Britain the word "donut" is spelt "doughnut" and the favourite shop of choice for the cops to purchase this delicacy often accompanied by a sausage roll or beefy bake is Greggs the Bakers.

Being a red blooded male Dickie was extolling the virtues of Susannah Hoffs. However my abiding memory of the one and only time I saw them at Glasgow's QMU was the impressive muscles on the arms of the drummer Debi Peterson!

The Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian

The Bangles -Going Down to Liverpool

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