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Monday 17 February 2014

A Full Head of Steam

Back in the day, or 1989 to be precise, I obtained a 10 track sampler album  from Parlophone entitled A Full Head of Steam  promoting some albums which were shortly to be released.
It contained tracks from artists I was familiar with, Marc Almond and New Model Army for example, and a few I had never heard of including Crazyhead, Wild Weekend and The Neighbourhood .
One band I had never heard of was Bliss with the quite magnificent I Walk Alone featuring the haunting vocals of Rachel Morrison.
This led me to purchasing their album Loveprayer which is not bad but does not contain anything else remotely close to I Walk Alone.
The second featured track is from quite possibly the biggest band to ever come out of Bathgate - Goodbye Mr McKenzie.
They had a modest hit with The Rattler and included a certain Shirley Manson amongst their number who subsequently went on to greater things as a member of Garbage.

Bliss - I Walk Alone

Goodbye Mr McKenzie - Candlestick Park

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