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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Just Like Eurovision

Like most bloggers I take an active interest in my statistics particularly the page views from various countries.

For a number of months Ukraine have been vying with Japan and the Netherlands for 10th place in the all time page views.
However in a move akin to Eurovision , Portugal has sneaked up on the rails from absolutely nowhere to relegate our Ukrainian friends from 10th spot. However the Dutch had better look to their laurels or Ukraine could yet take them in a play off!
As if they don't have enough on their plate with their current political turmoil.
Let's hope that their problems are resolved soon and  that they can get back to a degree of normality.
By way of (scant) consolation here are a couple of songs for our blue and yellow cousins

The Ukrainians - What Difference Does it Make?

The Ukrainians - Chertez Richku, Cherez Hai


  1. Good to see that those Portguese have impeccable taste in music!

  2. ...although having said that I know of a certain blog that has had hardly any views from that an example of irony?

  3. Maybe they are not Country Monday, Gospel Sunday or Tony Donegan fans!