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Saturday 8 February 2014

Saturday Night at the Old Barn Dance

As the  cover states on this mini album The Pine Valley Cosmonauts Barn Dance Favorites explores a forgotten history of Country Music in Chicago and the legacy of the National Barn Dance.
Thy are joined by a veteran fiddle player from that scene Johnny Frico and the album contains a recording of a German radio interview with him which is quite bizarre.
This was a limited edition CD on Bloodshot (BS115) and mine is number 175 out of 1500.
Given that I imagine this would be pretty hard to track down and purchase I'll give you 3 songs.
The vocals on the 2nd track are by Tracey Dear and those and the terrific yodelling on the 3rd are from the peerless Ms Kelly Hogan unless I am mistaken.
I have just noticed that my copy has been signed by Jon Langford!
Well worth $10 of anyone's money

                                                       It's Saturday - let's dance!

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Saturday Night at the Old Barn Dance

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Here, Rattler Here!

The Pine Valley Cosmonauts -I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart

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  1. Superb. I have heard it say that you can't go wrong with The Pine Valley Cosmonauts.