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Sunday 3 March 2024

Why Don't You Try Me Tonight?


2024 Charity Shop Purchases #16 - Ry Cooder - Why Don't You Try Me Tonight? - The Best Of

When I went to the counter in Oxfam in Troon to pay for my Iggy Pop CD the lady at the till was sorting out a number of CDs." Are these new I asked? and do you mind if I have a look at them?" She confirmed that they were indeed new along with the Ry Cooder CD which was being played behind her.

There were none which caught my fancy but I asked if she minded whether I could have the Ry Cooder one. Apologies to her for not having the opportunity to hear it to the end.

The CD in question as you can see above was Why Don't You Try Me Tonight ? The Best of Ry Cooder from 1986 on the WEA label. By my calculations (ie Google) he had released  10  studio albums by then. He has released a further 7 since then.

It looks as though songs from 8 of the 10 albums are included here. They only one I have and am therefore familiar with is 1979's Bop Till You Drop so I will include Down in Hollywood from there.

The second selection  Crazy 'Bout an Automobile (Every Woman I Know) is taken from 1980's Borderline.

Had the record company held out for another year they could have included tracks from the great 1987  album Get Rhythm. There is a further Best of from 1994 and an Anthology from 2008 so I'm sure that Get Rhythm and Across the Borderline are covered there.

Ry Cooder - Down in Hollywood

Ry Cooder -Crazy 'bout an Autmobile (Every Woman I Know)


  1. I'm impressed by your brazen cheek in buying the CD she was listening to - I wouldn't have dared.