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Monday, 20 December 2021

The Holly and the Ivy

 It's that time of year when we beging to get slightly seasonal.

No Christmas songs yet but rather songs and acts with either Holly or Ivy in the title. So a seasonal post .... of sorts.

In the holly camp we have two act with a holly in their title and another act with holly in the title of the song the subject of which could have featured in the holly title camp.Hope you are keeping up at the back.

Ivy proved a wee bit harder. Two songs with Ivy in the title. I couldn't come up with any acts with the word Ivy in their title but as we have already touched on Poison Ivy who better than to end things than the Cramps?

Holly and the Italians - I Wanna to Go Home

Holly Macve -Sycamore Tree

Weezer -Buddy Holly

Gun Club - For the Love of Ivy

The Coasters - Poison Ivy

The Cramps -Bikini Girls with Machine Guns


  1. I was going to berate you for not including the obvious track by the Gun Club. But I would have been wrong (there)

  2. A very apt selection... Would The Iveys also count?

  3. The Ivy League... started out as backing singers for The Who.

  4. The Screaming Trees and Taylor Swift both released (very different) songs called Ivy. And Primal Scream went two better with Ivy Ivy Ivy.

  5. As for Buddy Holly... let's not forget the Alvin Stardust song.

    No, you were right to go with Weezer.

  6. The Japandroids version of For the Love of Ivy is well worth a listen