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Tuesday 7 December 2021

The Blues Collection - Elmore James


2021 Charity Shop Purchases 98 - Elmore James - Dust My Broom
The Blues Collection (no 17)

Regular readers will know that I have taken to carrying a list of the numbers of the Blues Collection CDs which I don't have to avoid picking up doublers as this was not an uncommon occurrence.

On a recent visit to the Kinder Hanel charity shop in Battefield Rd there were a few on the shelves and I checked my list to see which of them I had. It seemed that I had them all except number 17 Dust My Broom by Elmore James the king of the electric slide guitar.
I knew that I had a non - Blues Collection compilation but was also convinced that I had the BC one. Of course I hadn't and a further visit quickly rectified that.
I subsequently wasn't convinced that I had Magic Sam number 21 in the series despite what my list said. This time I held firm and was vindicated when I got home to find it on the shelves. So no deviating from the list from now on in.

The track listing on the BC version is very similarl to my other compilation albeit the songs were recorded in different American cities on different dates.
Dust My Broom, his signature tune  was recorded in Chicago  in November 1959 with JT Brown on tenor sax, Homesick James on bass, Jonnie Jones on piano and Odie Payne on drums. The Sky is Crying, a song which has also been coved by Jimi Hendrix,Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Cl**ton is from the same session.
Shake Your Moneymaker is from New Orleans in 1962 with Johnny "Big Moose"Walker on piano, Lee Robinson on bass and King Mose on drums.

Terrific songs, terrific names and terrific stuff . The 62nd one from the series on the shelves.


  1. Toptastic, brilliant stuff today. (I don't think Hendrix ever covered The Sky is Crying, but he certainly borrowed a couple of lines from it)

  2. Brilliant stuff as George says.

    Trust you list, you seem to have done a fine job in keeping it up to date. Hope the definitive catalogue is coming along nicely although you'll need access to it in electronic form probably otherwise it's a lever arch file you'll need to carry around (although I myself do love a lever arch file full of lists).

    1. Coming along slowly
      425 entries so far!

    2. are you doing a tracklist for each album?

  3. No - format,genre,label,year,location if charity shop purchase that I have details on

    1. I do love sorting by year - Then I have a trip down memory lane remembering what I was doing at the time.

      An alpha sort is pretty cool too, like in a record shop all sorts of artists you would never associate with each other end up next to each other.

      I'm a spreadsheet nerd but almost from a different era nowadays.