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Tuesday 21 December 2021

An Americana Christmas


Here was me thinking that when I was retired that I would have plenty of time to come up with new and original ideas for the blog.

Sadly that is not the case, especially at this time of year, and I am beginning to wonder how I ever found the time to go to work.

Therefore today instead of something original we have a re-hash of a theme from 2015 which is hopefully so long ago that even those of you with long memories have forgotten about it. From the comments some of you will have heard these before

So some Americana numbers for you today which while all not necessarily all about Christmas have Christmas, or in the case of Terry Allen Xmas , in the title

Steve Earle -Christmas in Washington

Terry Allen - X-mas on the Isthmus

Mary Gauthier - Christmas in Paradise


  1. I constantly wonder how I ever found time to go into work, as I feel just as busy as ever.

    As I wasn't around in 2015 these are all new to me so thanks for sharing them again. Even I have noticed that once you've been at this game for a while you kinda run out of inspiration for something new when we get to this time of the year.

    I know we've already done it at my place but Merry Christmas to you and Mrs CC.