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Saturday, 11 December 2021

Seen at King Tuts - Mark Mulcahy


Mark Mulcahy

Tuesday 14th May 2002           £5.00                       Ticket No  16  8

I'm not altogether sure why I ended up going to see Mark Mulcahy as he is an artist who has never really crossed my radar.
All that I can think of is that I might have gone with my pal Harry. Mulcahy was previously the main man in the band Miracle Legion. I've checked and I have nothing by them so maybe Harry was a fan

I've got very little by Mark Mulchay - just the two songs which have both turned up twice on compilations.
The Way That it Really Is, is a song from his 2001 album Smilesunset and  and is one I have on an Uncut compilation. It also appears on the Rough Trade Singer Songwriter 1 double CD which is worth having.
Hey Self Defeater also appears on an Uncut CD and is one of the 31 Songs featured in Nick Hornby's book of the same name.It is also one of the 18 selections that appears on a CD of some of the songs from the book.

31 Songs was released in 2003 so it was not that that prompted me to go and see him.Hornby in the book writes that he bought the debut solo album 1997's Fathering on the recommendation from the proprietor of his local record shop and says he often relies on others to tip him off about good music. A bit like our little Blogging community then.

I'm afraid that I can't remember anything about the concert. However, I can't have been that impressed given that there are still no Marc Mulcahy records on the shelves.

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