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Thursday, 9 December 2021

' hours ... '


2021 Charity Shop Purchases 99   - David Bowie - ' hours ...'

I'll be honest I couldn't have told you that David Bowie had released an album called Hours or as it states on the sleeve ' hours ... '. I certainly didn't recognise the cover when I picked it up alongside Elmore James.

It seems that it was his 22nd studio album and that it was released on Virgin in 1999. This was a time when Bowie was increasingly irrelevant to most people including me and as I was immersed in Americana at the time it never crossed my radar.

However, I will pick up anything by him and give it a go particularlyy if it is only a pound. And do you know what, it is actually a pretty good album. Obviously not as good as the classics that we know and love but definitely a keeper and one that is already growing on me after a couple of listens.

As will be clear from the above I am no expert of his work from this period so who better than the Robster to  give a critique from his terrific Bowie Albums rated series which is a must read.

Echorich also pitches in in support of the album in the comments section

David Bowie - Thursday's Child

David Bowie - Seven


  1. "Obviously not as good as the classics "......and obviously not as good as Sundown in Nashville by Carl and Pearl Butler

  2. Thursday's Child is quite good

  3. Album No 22 unknown to me too but then I've not been a Bowie afficianado beyond his glory 70s period. First track here left me unmoved and was about to move on but for fairness sakes' gave Seven a go. So glad I did - thought it was great.

  4. I bought this at the time. Thought it was OK. Not listened to it much since.