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Monday, 13 December 2021

A Belated Nine Not Out


Charity Chic Music turned nine on 25th November.

For some reason I completely missed this momentous occassion. I'm putting it down to the fact that I am now retired and therefore no longer know what day of the week it is, the date or sometimes even the month.

By way of penance here are nine songs with nine in the title. I found about half a dozen fairly easily and then had to refer to Rol's Hot 100 for the rest. I pinched the Michael Nesmith song which I offer as a tribute to his recent demise.(Michael's not Rol's!)

I shall take steps to ensure that I don't forget the decade on 27th November 2022 should I make it that far.

Here you go - better late than never!

Dave Alvin - Nine Volt Heart

The Temptations -Cloud Nine

Sonny Boy Williamson II - Nine Below Zero

The Clovers -Love Potion Number Nine

Dolly Parton - 9 to 5

Jim White -10 Miles to Go on a 9 Mile Road

Wanda Jackson - Riot in Cell Block # 9

Michael Nesmith - Nine Times Blue

Jimmie Rodgers -Blue Yodel # 9


  1. Belated Happy Ninth Blogging Birthday!

  2. A very happy belated 9th birthday to CCM and here's to many more, don't let retirement stop you! There must be something about the number 9, so many good songs.

  3. Kids of today. Belated congratulations.

  4. Nine years. Well done, great staying power (unlike some I could mention!!)

  5. Well done Stevie, happy blog birthday.

  6. I had to check for a moment that I wasn't dead.

    Many happy returns.

    1. Yes I maybe should have written that slightly differently!