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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Nothing to C Here


I noticed the other day that someone had been viewing The Other Side a post from December 2019 featuring music from East Nashville. I opened it to have a read and noticed the following line I'm sticking with  male artists who's first name begins with T today.The three female artists whose name begins with C is a project for another day

Being a man of my word I thought  I should honour that statement. This is until I hit a snag.

Claire Small is a Nashville gal with the song Rewind being taken from her 2006 album Ledger. No more information I'm afraid.There was a web reference but it no longer exists

Chely Wright has enjoyed greater success although she seems to be best known as the first commercial country music singer to come out as gay. No big deal now I suspect but it seems to have been at the time.

Now is the snag time Casey Driessen is an acclaimed fiddle player  who has played with Tim O'Brien, Darrell Scott and Steve Earle's Blusegrass Dukes. However, Casey is a he as opposed to  a she . In my defence the tune is an instrumental The Confusion Before Dreams, confusion being the operative word for this post.

By way of an apology I am throwing in the band Circus Dog Serenade  with  Nothing Is

Claire Small - Rewind

Chely Wright - Wish Me Away

Casey Driessen - The Confusion Before Dreams

Circus Dog Serende - Nothing Is


  1. What, you couldn't find any Colleen Nolan?

    (Sorry. That joke is already tired. But so am I.)

  2. Yep I can see that was a difficult one for you there CC. I mean it's not like there are loads of female artists beginning with C. I can barely think of.....200 hahaha. I liked Claire Small's Rewind and will be returning to solve that Circus Dog Serende anagram later