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Sunday 24 January 2021

Val's Vinyl

 A rare foray by Val this week into the world of pop.

From 1988 The First of a Million Kisses is the debut album by Fairground Attraction  on RCA. A folk/soft rock band put together by Mark Nevin who had previously played with Kirsty MacColl. The singer is of course Glasgow's own Eddi Reader.

They hit the ground running with their debut single Perfect which reached number one in the UK singles charts. As opposed to a one hit wonder they were more of a two hit wonder  as the follow up Find My Love reaching number 5. Their other singled A Smile in a Whisper and Clare reached the outer fringes of the charts.

A one hit wonder though in terms of albums as the only released one more Ay Fond Kiss which consisted mostle of b-sides and unreleased recordings and which was released after Eddi Reader had left the band. Hardly surprisingly it sunk without trace.

Fairground Attraction - Perfect

Fairground Attraction - Find My Love

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  1. Haven’t heard Perfect in forever. Perfect for a lazy Sunday.