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Thursday 14 January 2021

The Motorcycle Boy


The Motorcycle Boy an Edinburgh band who were active from 1987 to 1990 were yet another act who passed  me by at the time.

Consisting of former members of The Shop Assistants* and Meat Whiplash with former Shop Assistant Alex Taylor on vocals.Here is a more detailed blurb courtesy of Shindig Magazine

 They came to my attention via a number of blogging chums particularly when Forgotten Astronaut Records retrospectively released their only album Scarlet in 2019.

And it is a belter. I've enough Christmas money left for one more purchase and this could very well be it.

The album cover  a street photograph of a Harlem Motorcycle Gang, photographed in New York City, USA for Queen magazine, 1959. is a belter too

The Motorcycle Boy - Take Me For a Walk

The Motorcycle Boy - Under The Bridge

* See Jamie’s comment below


  1. Seeing the album cover I was expecting something different from the songs, but was pleasantly surprised.
    Really loved "Take Me For a Walk" - and "Under The Bridge" very dreamy. The more I listen the better the music sounds. Thank you.

  2. Think you're getting your Flatmates mixed up with the Shop Assistants there.

    I only very belatedly discovered last year that Alex Taylor had died some time ago. More crap news.


    1. My bad- will sort later today
      Of course I could always argue that I did it on purpose to see if anyone noticed!

  3. I've been thinking about buying this too, lovely cover also used as the basis of Two Lone Swordsmen's Wrong Meeting t-shirt back in 2007. And yes, very sad about Alex.

  4. That album cover really is something. An image that looks both vintage, yet really unexpected too. Quite like the songs too.

  5. Highly recommend. Feels like the kind of album that could be hard to find after this run. Don’t dawdle.

  6. Have loved The Motorcycle Boy and this album for decades!

  7. Still a few copies out there but took Brian's advice and ordered one.

    1. Likewise
      Norman Records Leeds
      Arrived today. Excellent service