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Wednesday 20 January 2021

Celtic Connections 2013 Revisited


We got as far as 2013  on Sunday morning in our sequential listening to the Sunday Herald's Celtic Connections compilation CDs.

It must be said that they are terrific and something I would pay good money for. It's a pity that they have stopped releasing these but it is perhaps understandable given the perilous state of the newspaper industry

The 2013 CD features songs from two 2012 albums which grace the shelves with the artists in question making a festival appearance in 2013.

I seem to remember that JD McPherson's 2012 debut Signs & Signifiers was released to a fair degree of hype. The combination of rockabilly, rock 'n'roll and rhythm and blues is right up my street and I pretty quickly snapped it up.

I enjoyed it at the time but I can't say that I've played it that many times recently. He seems to  me to be more of a sort of  tribute act rather than anything else and I haven't had the desire to explore any of his subsequent releases.

On the other hand I will very quickly pick up anything that Karine Polwart puts out.I've seen her at the City Halls as part of Celtic Connections but I'm not sure whether it was in 2013 promoting her album Traces. It may well have been

Karine was on digitally on Monday as part of a song circle and was excellent as ever.

JD McPherson - North Side Gal

Karine Polwart - We're All Leaving


  1. Loved the Karine Polwart song. Thank you for that.

  2. Ah yes Karine Polwart, lovely song. Whenever I hear her name or see it in print, which admittedly is not often, I go off and listen to her I Burn But I Am Not Consumed which I fell in love with just about a year ago when I first heard it here. Even though Trump has (seemingly) had his sorry ass kicked it's still such a powerful song.