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Friday 15 January 2021

She's All Right With Me!


Another excellent Ace compilation for you today with She's Alright With Me! Girl Group Sounds USA 1961-1968

It's on Ace so as you would expect it is Ace. One slight quibble is that although it references Girl Groups as you can see from the  tracklist it features as many if not more solo artists. But not to worry that does not diminish the quality in any way.

Entering into the spirit of things I'm featuring two of the Groups . Firstly we have The Rev-Lons from Bakesfield, California consisting of the Hernandez sisters Frances. Rachel and Lupe.

I can't find out much about The Surf Bunnies other that they are also a trio and their names are are Pat, Donna and Patty and that they released a few singles in 1962. There is an album by Lee Hazlewood's Woodchucks called Cruisin' For Surf Bunnies but I suspect that's a different thing altogether.Something to take your mind off the snow

The Rev-Lons - Whirlwind

The Surf Bunnies - Summertime is Surfin' Time


  1. Ace is, uh, Ace. Just read today about another collection of songs by Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham they just put out that looks great. Of course, Ace only does great.

    1. Yeah I saw that
      Big fan.Saw them in the Arches in Glasgow a few years ago

  2. That looks like a top compilation. It's just been added to a digital playlist somewhere in the cashless stratosphere of "Brian took all my expendable music money this month".

    1. That’s the line I’m giving to my bank manager Rol