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Monday 4 January 2021

Trouble Every Day


I don't listen to 6 Music as often as I should .One of the reasons is that  I use my time in the car to catch up with CDs and downloads that I havewn't had time to listen to. Also it often results in me spending money on the music that they are playing.

I've enough to buy without them throwing in curve balls. One such example is Trouble Every Day by She Drew the Gun from 2019 on Skeleton Key Records.I ended up forking out for the EP

I'll let XS Noize tell the story: A reinterpretation of Frank Zappa’s original, She Drew The Gun frontwoman Louisa Roach has updated the lyrics to reflect our troubled times. Louisa comments –

I heard Trouble Every Day and thought it would make a great cover, Frank Zappa wrote it based on the TV coverage of the Watts riots in LA back in the 60’s, so I rewrote some of the lyrics to reflect what I’ve seen reported on the TV in more recent times, from English riots to the Extinction Rebellion protests. It takes a look at the issues that are facing us at the moment from the rise of the far right to the threat of climate change and the role the global media corporations play in supporting neoliberal ideology.

The revisions to the lyrics received the full blessing of the Zappa estate who were keen to hear the song adapted to suit contemporary times. 

It has in fact caused me to fork out more money tracking down the original

She Drew The Gun - Trouble Every Day

The Mothers of Invention - Trouble Every Day


  1. 6Music played morning, noon and night in our house for many years, but, much like you it seems, I began to find it harder and harder to keep up with, and listen to, the music I actually owned - be it physically or digitally, let alone give my full attention to new stuff I was hearing on the radio. These days I dip in and out of 6Music and as a consequence often feel totally out of touch, something I used to irrationally worry about, but have now come to terms with. Having said all that, I did hear Trouble Every Day several times on Lammo's show in 2019. I don't know a lot about She Drew the Gun, but it's an inspired cover.

  2. She Drew The Gun are great, Louisa Roach is an amazing songwriter, check out Poem. Both albums are worth getting

  3. Potentially song of the day (She Drew The Gun not MOI)

  4. My mate Andy bought the Mothers' Freakout album way back in 1966. We were both 15 and I think listening to Zappa and Co at that tender age scarred us for life!

  5. 6Music has been on while I work for some time now and has made a big difference to my listening habits - also find it interesting how quite a few songs/artists which I don't really like much on first hearing kind of worm their way in after hearing them for days on end in an almost subliminal way and thus opening my mind so no bad thing! As for She Drew The Gun - really enjoying what I've heard so far from them and this track in particular, beautifully updated - the Zappa original great too.

  6. You're right, there's just too much damn music to listen to and you reach a point when you just have to hold up your hands and say "You go on ahead without me, I'll catch you up" but of course you never do. I reached that point in about....ooooh 2002 hahaha