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Saturday 9 January 2021

Saturday Night Fever


Who would have thunk it?

My lack of inspiration last Saturday which saw me feature some Saturday night songs seem to have spawned a mini series just when I least expected it.

It looks like I have enough material for a further four weeks.So let's get started

Firstly here is one suggested by Swiss Adam 10.15 Saturday Night  is an early track by The Cure. It is the opening track on their debut album and the b-side of the Killing an Arab single

Saturday Night Fish Fry by Louis Jordan surely needs no introduction.

From Jump Blues to Americana with Saturday Night a song by The Felice Brothers from their Favorite Waitress album.

Then as Ernie might say a mandatory reggae number courtesy of Mickey Dread's Saturday Night Style

More floor fillers next Saturday

The Cure - 10:15 Saturday Night

Louis Jordan - Saturday Night Fish Fry

The Felice Brothers - Saturday Night

Mikey Dread - Saturday Night Style


  1. My fave version of 10.15 Saturday Night is the one they did for the John Peel show. It just sounds marvellously wonderful.

  2. Slightly disappointed to find that the title 'Saturday Night Fever' didn't mean we were getting Val's Vinyl a day early

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing the classic Bon Jovi song Someday I'll Be Saturday Night...

    No, really, I am.

  4. Otherwise, I'll accept...

    Joe Ely
    Sam Cooke or Cat Stevens
    The Blue Nile
    Tony Joe White
    The Georgia Satellites
    The Specials
    Tom Waits
    Nils Lofgren
    The Proclaimers
    John Fogerty
    Carole King
    Neil Diamond
    Scott Walker
    Emitt Ehodes
    And Robbie Fulks (obviously)

    1. Some of those will feature along with some others

  5. As a Saturday Night Fever fan I got excited there for a minute but of course there is no actual song called by the same name.

    I seem to have Saturday Night songs in my library by the Eagles and the Kaiser Chiefs but not sure if you'll want to go down that route either. Drive-In Saturday by Bowie (if it hasn't already been mentioned, although no night).

    1. I have one of the two you mention which will feature in due course