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Monday, 18 January 2021

You Are Not Alone

 It's Celtic Connections time. Regular readers will know that Mrs CC and I normally attend 2 or 3 concerts annually in place of Christmas presents. 

This year as with everything else it has fallen foul of Covid and is digital only. We've acquired a festival pass so we'll see how it goes. To mark the festival we have been working our way through the free CDs which used to come with the Sunday Herald. We have these from 2007 -2017. The most recently played was 2011 which has a song by Mavis Staples on it.

It is from her 2010 gospel album You Are Not Alone on the ANTI label and produced by Jeff Tweedy. An album which won a Grammy for Best Americana Album. It is also one I have a burn off so it has duly been looked out.

An album which would have normally been considered for the Sunday slot were that not currently Val's domain.

Mavis Staples - You Are Not Alone

Mavis Staples - Wonderful Savior


  1. I was just thinking you and Mrs CC will be missing out on Celtic Connections this year. Hope the digital festival pass is working out well for you, but not the same I imagine. Let's hope it can return next year.

    1. Early days but the song circle with Karine Polwart, Edie Reader and others was excellent