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Saturday, 2 January 2021

It's Saturday, Right?


It's Saturday, right?

I'm at the stage that I actually know the date for once but haven't a clue as to which  day of the week it is. If it is Saturday then I've three more days off before heading back to work on Tuesday.Not much time to get my act together.

I'm also a bit befuddled when it comes to posts. I had things lined up to the New Year than nothing except Val's Vinyl. I may need help and am open to suggestions.

As nothing else came to mind I somewhat lazily dipped into the hard drive and plucked out a few songs pertaining to Saturday Night. Coincidentally I was listening to Lefty just the other day. There are more in the tank for a mini series over  the next couple of Saturdays if I still find myself stuck.

Dave Edmunds - Almost Saturday Night

Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Lefty Frizzell - Shine,Shave, Shower (It's Saturday)

Leighton Buzzards - Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees


  1. The Cure 10.15 Saturday Night.
    If- Saturday's Angels

  2. Great selection for the start, CC. I recommend
    Nick Drake - Saturday Sun or
    Sam Cooke - Another Saturday Night

  3. So late to this but that Leighton Buzzards track has a been a favourite of mine since I first heard it - such a crime that it is isn't better known