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Saturday 16 January 2021

Saturday Night at the Movies


Welcome to the third instalment of my accidental series of Saturday Night songs. The good/bad (tick where applicable) news is that there are at least another three instalments courtesy of suggestions and contributions from some of the good people on the right hand sidebar.

Let's get started and we'll go in the order I downloaded them.

First up is John Fogarty with the 1975 original of Almost Saturday Night. Not a patch on the 1981 version by Dave Edmunds which featured on week one.

Last week's classic was Louis Jordon. This week it is the even more classic from 1964 Saturday Night at the Movies by The Drifters. If you don't find yourself singing this sometime today there is something seriously wrong with you.

From one extreme to another.From the 1979 album Squeezing Out the Sparks The Drifters are followed by Graham Parker and the Rumour with Saturday Night is Dead.

This week's final offering is Saturday Night by Suede the final track from their 1996 album Coming Up. This is an album I have but which I haven't played for years. I just might dust it down and give it a whirl.

Four more next Saturday

John Fogarty - Almost Saturday Night

The Drifters - Saturday Night at the Movies

Graham Parker & the Rumour - Saturday Night is Dead

Suede - Saturday Night


  1. 'Saturday Night at the Movies' was me and my mate John's standard karaoke number. We could never quite get the transition to the high note at the end of the extended "too" and "hide" right though.

  2. Dave Edmunds' version of Almost Saturday Night was pretty good too.

  3. A great mix. I know, I suggested it last week, but that is my favourite Suede song.