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Thursday, 7 January 2021

Too Much Pain


It's been a long while since any Southern Soul has graced these pages and probaby even longer since  I've featured anything from the Kent Soul label. So today I give you King's Serious Soul:Too Much Pain (CDKEND 194)

In the R&B world, the King label has a hugely well deserved reputation, but it's only been with the recent releases of King Funk" (CDBGPD 135) and "King Northern Soul" (CDKEND 185) that widespread appreciation of its contribution to soul music has occurred. Now "Too Much Pain" reveals the southern and deep side of King - and its affiliated concerns such as Federal and Hollywood. Arguably this was the strongest aspect of the company's musical output in the 60s."(Ace Records)

I've chosen 2 of the 24 tracks pretty much at random in the full knowledge that they will be of a sufficiently high quality.

There's also King's Serious Soul Volume 2: Counting Teardrops (CDKEND 206)on the shelves which is also overdue a feature. Stay tuned.

Thomas Bailey -I Wish I Was Back (In Your Arms Again)

Gloria Walker - When My Baby Cries


  1. The Gloria Walker track could very well be Song Of The Day. You can't really go wrong with a compilation from the King record label.

  2. Excellent stuff CC, worthy of Val herself. Many thanks

    1. Does Val know you are memorialising her record collection?

    2. She does.
      I occassionally let her know what I've posted but she hasn't expressed any interest in reading it!