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Wednesday, 6 January 2021



While rooting around the S section on the vinyl shelves looking for She Drew The Gun I stumbled upon another EP by a band called Skinny Dipper.

The title of the EP and the title of one of the songs seemed appropriate given that Scotland has now gone into an even more stricter lockdown regime again.Hopefully it is the storm before the calm.

Skinny Dipper are made up of members from an array of Scottish talent including: singer Alex Kenzel (blochestra), bass player Vicki Cole (Randolph’s Leap) violinist Heather Thikey (Randolph’s Leap, Kill The Waves), trumpet player Ali Hendry (Randolph’s Leap), keyboardist and vocalist Gillian Higgins, violinist Cat Calton (Aerial’s Up), Ruth Campbell (Aerial’s Up, Quickbeam), Monika Gromek (Quickbeam) and Iain Symes-Marshall (Trapped In Kansas).

From 2014 on the ever wonderful Olive Grove Records I think it is still available digitally on Bandcamp

A bit cold at the moment for skinny dipping!

Skinny Dipper - Landing

Skinny Dipper - Hospital Bed

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