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Sunday 8 December 2019

The Other Side

I briefly featured The Other Side : Music From East Nashville  back in October when I posted a couple of songs from it about the great John Peel
As I said then it is   a compilation from 2006 on Red Beet Records  which benefitted the Martha O'Bryan Center in East Nashville which offers employment and education to local residents.

I think I paid 3 quid for the double CD which features 30 mainly Americana artista with Todd Snider the only artist to appear twice.
I have one album by Austin based but Portland born Todd. It's called The Devil You Know and from memory it is not that good. However the opeining song on this album Some Things Are is not bad at all.

I'm sticking with  male artists who's first name begins with T today.The three female artists whose name begins with C is aproject for another day
Tim Carroll started off in Indiana punk bands prior to graduating towards country.I can hear comparisons to the Drive-By Truckers  with this song about Music Town.

Finally Thad Cockrell has a goal to put the hurt back into country a commendable aim from the son of a Baptist preacher.
A New Year resolution which I intend to keep is to obtain a copy of the album Begonias which he recorded with Caitlin Cary formerly of Whiskeytown fame

Todd Snider - Some Things Are

Tim Carroll -Five Year Town

Thad Cockrell - Senselessly Blue


  1. Has Tom Carroll been listening to Exile On Main Street?

  2. Tom might have, not sure about Tim though!