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Wednesday 11 December 2019

State of the Union - West Virginia

George writes:
The penultimate state of the series is “country roads take me home back where I belong” West Virginia. Why is it that I know those lyrics and almost nothing from albums I have acquired over the last ten years? I’ll see if I can rustle up a couple of tunes this week.

Ann Magnusson, founding member of band Bongwater, was born in this state. Even better, Bill “I Can’t write left-handed” Withers was born in this state, and if you play that it will be best song you hear today, and quite possibly this month. 

And the first song is by the “woo-oo-ooh baby please don’t go” band Chicago. Yes, Chicago. But this song is no “woo-oo-ooh baby please don’t go” sentimental hogwash but a rather fine piece of short progressive rock. I hope my account can withstand the deluge of downloads that will ensue:

And if that doesn’t lose CC even more readers, maybe this one will:

Still here? One more for you:

There are only two noteworthy things  about West Virginia, according to USA Today. One  is that Harpers Ferry (West Virginia) is where John Brown led a raid in an attempt to start a slave rebellion there. His death resulted in a famous song. The other is, yes, that damned country roads song.

And that’s West Virginia. One more state to go. No, not East Virginia, Mr Trump.

CC writes.
Was unsure whether Bobby Bare's Charleston Railroad Tavern refers to South Carolina or West Virginia
Here it is anyway

Another version of Salt Pork, West Virginia?  Why not

Finally here is Phil Ochs, no stranger to this series

One to go!


  1. For the first time in the series your choice (Phil Ochs) beats all of mine. Great tune.

    1. First time ????
      Had the criteria allowed Toots and the Maytals version of Country Roads would have been the one to post

  2. Was going to make an East Virginia gag but just noticed there's already one in there.

    The Rolling Stones Sweet Virginia cold be about the state. Or a girl.

  3. You realise you both chose the same song. Different versions, obviously. I think I prefer CC's.

    I still think you should offer George more money to stay on after this series finishes, CC.

    Two offerings from me...

    Terri & Maggie Roche - West Virginia

    The Front Bottoms - West Virginia