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Tuesday 10 December 2019

The Blues Collection - Roosevelt Sykes

After a gap of nearly a year today sees a further instalment of the Blues Collection.
This is primarily because I picked up three from the series for a pound in Missing Records taking the total on the shelves to 53 out of 90. Getting there slowly.

Today's offering is "44" Blues by pianist Roosevelt Sykes who was also known as The Honeydripper.
Born in Arkansas in 1906 he was spotted by a talent scout and travelled to New York in 1929 to record for Okeh Records with 44 Blues being his first release .

He moved first to Chicago and then onto New Orleans where he continued to play and record until the 70s dying of a heart attack in 1983 aged 77

Two more in the tank for you to look forward to.

Roosevelt Sykes - "44" Blues

Roosevelt Sykes -Poor Boy Blues


  1. Led Zep's Robert PLant fronted a band called The Honeydrippers which was a tribute to Roosevelt Sykes.
    I first heard the Leadbelly version of "44 Blues" but it was Roosevelt Sykes who wrote the lyrics.

  2. If you post a list of the 37 volumes you don't have then your 37 readers can each buy you one to complete the collection

  3. Just checked my lsit and I actuaaly have 54.
    Now I only need to find 36 readers!