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Thursday 12 December 2019

A Bad Feeling

I've got a really bad feeling about today.
I suspect that the Tories will get in with a working majority although how anyone can vote to have the lying charlatan that is Boris Johnston as Prime Minister is quite beyond me.

Anyone who votes for him to Get Brexit Done is in for a rude awakening as there will be years of negotiations with countries who have a much stronger bargaining hand.
While this is going on the fruit will not be getting picked, the fish will not be getting gutted and the elderly in the Care Homes will be getting neglected, as Trump cherry picks the profitable parts of the NHS.
Still as long as we get Brexit done, eh?

Those shocked at the BBC's obvious bias  over the last few weeks were clearly not paying attention during the Scottish Independence Referendum. No-one is shocked up here.

Labour had a cast iron opportunity to stop all this. It should have been a shoe in.It was there for the taking.
Sadly they couldn't get their act together trying to be all things to all men and failing miserably

I hope to god I'm wrong.

Take it away Billy


  1. Indeed.

    It makes you despair for humanity.

  2. Well said CC. I feel much the same way.
    If anyone earning less than £50,000 a year thinks they'll be better off after Brexit, the are deluded. The Brexit referendum was the result of an argument within the Tory Party which has been ongoing for 50 years. Leaving Europe will not make the majority of people better off - but it will help rich Tory bas*ards make even more money.

  3. I recommend strong drinks a dirty Donner kebab
    at least in the morning the election result will be the least of your worries

  4. Not sure I can bear to watch tonight.

  5. Too heartbroken to comment