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Monday 9 December 2019

A Degree of (New) Order Restored

Confession time - New Order have never appeared on these pages until now.
A cou[le of covers of their songs yes but not the band themselves.

One reason probably is that up until a recent charity shop purchase of the compilation (the best of) New Order is that the only thing of theirs that I owned was the 12" single of Blue Monday (me and a million others).
I remember the song banging out an old ghettoblaster when I was doing the dishes and my mum thinking there was something wrong with the plumbing.

Another reason is that I have never really been a fan - gasps from many of those on the right hand sidebar.

From 1994 most of the songs on the album appear to have been taken from 1989's Technique and 1993's Republic
This version of True Faith was previously unreleased and Thieves Like Us was released as a single only.

Blue Order - True Faith-94

Blue Order - Thieves Like Us


  1. I'd post a comment here, but I'm still gasping!

  2. No gasps from me. I liked the first couple of years a lot, but they lost me thereafter.

  3. A good singles band, your Best Of compilation is probably all you need.

  4. No gasps from me either. I have personal reasons for hating New Order (they evoke unpleasant high school memories) but even without those memories... I just never got the appeal.