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Monday 2 December 2019

El Camino - Mark II

The third and final CD in my recent three for a pound selection at my local charity shop was El Camino by The Black Keys.
I was a bit unclear as to whether I had it or not.Turns out I didn't but nearly did at one stage. This post makes things clearer. Hence the Mark II in the title

Their seventh album from 2001  on the Nonesuch label it joins their second Thickfreakness on the shelves.It is much more polished and accessable than the scuzzy blues of their earlier offerings.It looks as though they had one eye on stadium tours and one foot in Kings of Leon territory.
The tunes have good riffs and are pretty catchy but to me they are all much of a muchness.
It's ok but it's no Kasabian!

It must be said that I still break into a cold sweat every time the words El Camino are

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy

The Black Keys - Gold on the Ceiling


  1. I agree with your assessment, it doesn't have much edge or feeling. Listenable but memorable.

  2. I really liked early Black Keys too for their stripped-back approach but as you say, they became more polished and accessible over time and lost something along the way.
    Thoroughly enjoyed re-reading those two old posts and comments, though. All I have to say to you is (brace yourself): Zip Dog!

  3. "It's no Kasabian", surely that's a fucking bonus

    1. Indeed Drew
      You need to read the link marked clearer!

  4. Much of a muchness I can go with but afraid I missed out on the good riffs and pretty catchy tunes. My brother-in-law likes them though so.......ha! better not go there