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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Listen Without Prejudice

Those of you, like me, who may be expecting to hear some scuzzy blues today  are going to be sadly disappointed.
I picked up what I though was a copy of El Camino by the Black Keys in  a charity shop in Stanraer.
Having been stung before I checked that there was a disc inside.

So far so good.
It soon became apparent however that even with Dangermouse at the controls that this wasn't the raw blues sound of  Messrs Auerbach and Carey that I had anticipated
The music however was OK with tracks 2 and 5 actually being pretty good..
Closer inspection revealed the following words a couple of millimetres in height around the rim of the CD

Kasabian - Days Are Forgotten

Kasabian -Velociraptor!


  1. This is the kind of shit that happens when L plays cds. she just puts them in whatever box is available especially after a drink.
    El Camino is a good album, CC, you would like it.

    1. Drew, I recommend having a music room with a lockable door, with only one person having the key (that would be you, by the way).

  2. These two tracks aren't as shit as I thought they would be

  3. Drew - you're lucky they get as far as the boxes
    George - agreed

  4. Finding a CD in the wrong sleeve is irritating enough, but discovering that said CD is by Kasabian really is adding insult to injury.

  5. It's funny, I used to really like Kasabian, but now they just wind me up. Is it them, or is it me? We shall never know.
    Wrong discs in sleeves is not something that would happen in this household, but I do get told off sometimes if there's and image or title on the disc and it's not the right way up when pulled out and I was the last person who played it. I think the term for this is something to do with a posterior orifice.

    1. C - I have been called a total prick by the "sensible" member of our household for suggesting that the a-side of a record should be facing front and the inside sleeve if there is one should also be facing the correct way.

    2. Drew, some of us just get called a "total prick" by our significant others, no reason given. Or needed.

  6. What Drew said is sadly correct.
    Second hand record shops with the wrong record in a sleeve does y head in- and the disc is irretrievable, always.
    Kasabian are shit. Bigly.
    The Black Keys album is pretty good as far as I recall.

  7. KC said today that Kasabian are her next ICA if choice.

  8. Superb....a pub discussion breaks out on t'internet.

    First time I heard Kasabian I thought they were passable. But I very quickly got fed up with them - something to do with the letter K (see also Keane, Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Kings of Leon).

    Drew - I'm with L on this. It really doesn't matter at all which side of the record should be facing front and as for the suggestion that any inside sleeve should also be facing the correct way.....just as long as the right piece of vinyl is in the right sleeve. (you'll no doubt also insist that in the case of double albums, the first two sides should be on the left of a gatefold sleeve....)

    A Kasabian ICA? Why the hell not.....haven't really paid any attention anything after they did a video with soldiers in it. That was an awful song...