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Wednesday 31 May 2017

Burnt Offerings 21

There have been several bands known as the Stingrays or The Sting Rays over the years.
The one you are getting today are a new wave band originally from Bristol but who nowadays are largely based in Japan.
Countdown was their debut single released on the splendidly named Fried Egg Records in 1980.Sadly it was never used as the theme tune for the daily TV quiz show of the same name.
I shall make enquiries with my brother as to whether he has anything by the London based psychobilly band of the same name that I can share

The Stingrays - Countdown

From Bristol to Vermont the home of blues rock band Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.
They hit the big time with their self titled third album in 2010.
Ragged Company however is taken from their 2005 debut Nothing But The Water

We shall finish off this week's selection with The Magnetic Fields.
A band fronted by Stephen Merritt, they were the subject recently of a fantastic  ICA at JC's place submitted by Rol
This song didn't feature but it is further proof, as if proof was needed, that I should extract the digit and acquire some of their stuff. I'll probably go for 69 Love Songs in the first instance given that it features Papa was a Rodeo and Kelly Hogan's cover version is just about my favourite song of all time

More assorted nonsense next week


  1. ^( Love Songs is the one to go for CC.

  2. Yes, it is... although the new one is really growing on me too.

    Liked the other two tracks very much this week. Particularly GP.

  3. The Stingrays tune is a thoroughly engaging racket isn't it?

  4. Bought 69 Love Songs cheap in Manc a year or so ago and although I've only skimmed through it I've been generally disappointed - hardly surprising considering the quantity/quality equation. You're bang right about Kelly Hogan's version though and when the opposition parties get together to form a minority government next Friday I'll do a karaoke version of it on Sheffield's town hall steps!