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Friday 26 May 2017

Boogie Nights

On our recent visit to Galloway we popped into the newly opened Cat Protection League shop in Stranraer.
I came away empty handed but Mrs CC picked up Disco Legends.
A double CD featuring 40 tracks - some classics and some fillers and all for just £1.99
Here are a couple of the classics for you to shake your bootie to to get the weekend started

Drew - this is how to do Friday night dance music! Don't think you're quite ready for Baccara though

One, two, three shake your body down

Odyssey - Use It Up & Wear It Out

Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music


  1. It is good to hear this Music from time to time, CC. I also don't think that Drew is ready for Baccara

  2. Play That Funky Music will always sound funky great to me. Timeless. (Afraid I can't say the same for Baccara)

  3. Well this takes me back - Wild Cherry definitely one for listening to though, not for the dancin'. As it turns out most of what Odyssey released was not for dancing to either but they did (I think) make some mighty fine records.

    (I'm very picky about what is good for dancing to and what is not as you may have guessed!)

  4. A bit of a disco is alright for a change.

  5. Classics! Where did I put my mirror ball?

  6. Baccara - the band who inspired Orange Juice!! I won't hear a bad word about them.