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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Weird Tales from Americana Royalty

We are ticking a good few boxes today by featuring Weird Tales the second album by Americana super group Golden Smog from 1998

The Jayhawks - Gary Louris , Marc Perlman, Kraig Johnson, Jessy Greene - check
Wilco - Jeff Tweedy - check
Soul Asylum - Dan Murphy - check
Big Star - Jody Stephens - check  BIG STAR!
Run Westy Run -  Kraig Johnson -check
Geraldine Fibbers - Jessy Greene - check

The lead vocals and indeed some of the instruments are shared around but as you would suspect if you are a regular to these pages I am opting for Messrs Louris and Tweedy.
I was convinced I had the Jayhawks singing Until You Came Along but apparently not. I've certainly heard them singing it live on more than one occasion

Your star crossed eyes. Your troubled mind, seems you were left just for me to find

Golden Smog - Until You Came Along

Golden Smog - Lost Love


  1. Is this an album worth having? Going by these two it certainly seems to be a Must Have.

    1. A bit of a mixed bag
      15 tracks so if you pick it up cheap probably worth it for the first track above alone

    2. I'd personally vouch for both of the first two LP's plus the early covers EP George, they're all engagingly ramshackle, but I haven't heard albums 3 and 4. Do you know them CC? Are they worth picking up?

    3. Nope - Weird Tales is the only one I've heard Swede

    4. RAMSHACKLE, that's exactly how to describe this, that first track, as you'd expect from the personnel I suppose, is an almost-Jayhawks song, I really that looser sound

    5. The first album - "Down By The Old Mainstream" - is the one to go for, in my humble opinion