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Tuesday 23 May 2017

File Under: Easy Listening

From 1994 File Under:Easy Listening was the third and final album by Bob Mould's Sugar if you count Beaster as an album as opposed to an EP and discount the subsequent Besides compilation and live album The Joke is Always on Us, Sometimes.
It is the only one of the three I have on vinyl.
It is obviously not as good as Copper Blue  (few albums are) nor as noisy as Beaster (a record you would never file under Easy Listening).
It does have a few tracks including these two which were released as singles which are worthy of another listen.

Sugar - Your Favorite Thing

Sugar - Believe What You're Saying


  1. I bought this some time ago (possibly in a charity shop or library sale) and still haven't got around to giving it proper attention. I do love Copper Blue though.

  2. In a world without Copper Blue, this would be hailed as a very, very worthy album. As it is, it could never hope to get close to its predecessor. There are though, as you say, some excellent tracks on it.

  3. TheRobster makes a very good point. 'Copper Blue' was a tough act to follow.

  4. Time and place forces me to put this one on a pedestal that maybe it doesn't deserve. Bought while living in Japan when I only had a very small amount of my music with me. A vital lifeline to the outside world and absolutely played to death. To this day, I still listen to it more than Copper Blue, Beaster or Besides.

  5. Copper Blue is definitive, a blast. This is a decent album. I love Your Favourite Thing though