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Tuesday 2 May 2017

Have You Ever Been to Derby?

Have you ever been to the English midland town of Derby?
I've been three times.
The first time I was there for about an hour after going along for the ride with a pal who had an interview with Rolls Royce
The second and third times saw me visit the now sadly departed Reveal Records.
One of these trips saw me purchase the eponymous  2001 debut album by Denise James

Three reasons for purchasing it:
  • It was a staff choice with some blurb probably highlighting that she was a voice on the Detroit scene for a number of years providing background vocals for a number of groups
  • It was on Poptones (two days running!)
  • It was a fiver
Sadly despite many attempts it has never really gelled with me. Inoffensive but not one that grabs you and makes you want to play on repeat.
All Music describe her as being similar to Mazzy Star - but she is no Hope Standoval


  1. I have actually, just the once, in 1994 or thereabouts. I went to a record shop while I was there too (quelle surprise), situated within an indoor market as I recall. Would that have been Reveal Records? Based on these two songs, I share your views on Denise.

    1. Was in town centre but not in an indoor market as I recall

    2. The excellent second hand stall in the indoor market was not Reveal Records. I bought a Jim Reeves box set from that stall, £3.

  2. I've got this CD and have absolutely no idea what it sounds like.