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Tuesday 9 May 2017

These Are For Brian

I'm sure that the stories from the weekend will feature writ large from various places either in a drip by drip format or the full buhna.
I'm going to kick off by paying tribute to the legend that is Brian (of Linear Tracking Lives fame)
I got a train into town that took about 15 minutes. Brian took a 13 hour plane trip from Seattle to Amsterdam and then another short hop from Amsterdam to Glasgow.
And what a guy - an encyclopedic knowledge of indie music and someone who knows more about Glasgow based music than I ever will.
Fitting then that he got to met and shake hands with Ken McCluskey outside a Glasgow pub ,meet David from Kid Canaveral in another Glasgow pub and then quite possibly the highlight of his life (after his wedding and the birth of his kids) finally getting to shake hands and talk to Stephen Pastel (in a record shop in a pub) after having been to speechless to do so on a previous visit.

Brian - we salute you

The Bluebells - Cath

The Bluebells -Young at Heart


  1. Brilliant - I look forward to seeing Brian's snapshots. Good to hear 'Cath', which has always been my Bluebells single of choice.

  2. He might have an encyclopedic knowledge of Glasgow indie music but it you can console yourself he knows nothing about football - witness his use of the words "the match was a joy" to describe the Airdire match last weekend............

    1. It was a joy George. five goal thriller but I thought Brian was going to pass out from hypothermia at half time.

  3. Worth saying Jim,Dirk and I were in a sunny Glasgow beer garden about then

  4. Exactly, CC! Read yesterday's posting @ sexyloser and you'll understand how sunny it was in there ...

  5. Ah, thank you, CC. What a weekend! It was a thrill meeting pop stars, but it was more fun hanging out with the gang and ribbing each other.

    No kidding, George, it was an exciting match with a playoff appearance on the line. Found myself getting into it. Comes down to just enjoying sports, I think.

  6. The vicarious experience quotient is really high for me! Thanks for all the sharing of the weekend!

  7. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the play off score tomorrow night.
    Swiss Adam

  8. Brian's constant expression of wonderment the entire weekend was a big part of what made it. He met three of the most genuinely nicest and friendly pop stars from the Glasgow scene, all of whom were as delighted to meet him as he was thrilled to talk to them.

    He also went home with a fair collection of music including a CD signed by The Close Lobsters. I reckon it'll take him a few days to get over his jetlag but looking forward to reading his take on things.

    Dirk's memories too, are priceless!!