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Saturday 13 May 2017

Springsteen Covered - Stolen Car

The fightback starts here! Emmylou Harris administers a total thrashing to Bruce with her version of Mansion on the Hill meaning that the scores are now The Boss 7 The Rest 3

We will stick with the ladies this week given that the victors so far have been Emmylou, Thea Gilmore and Tracey Thorn (well technically EBTG)
This week it is the turn of another country star Patty Griffin with her version of Stolen Car the last rack on side 3 of The River.
Absolutely no contest for me this week - Patty by a country mile.She could even win by a bigger margin than Emmylou
Proof, as if proof was needed, that The River would have made a better single album than a double one and also a reminder that I really should get round to acquiring some of Patty's records.

Others, of course may choose to disagree (but you would be wrong there)

Bruce Springsteen - Stolen Car

Patty Griffin - Stolen Car


  1. Are you saying that you don't like the original version? I thought it was OK, but my vote will go to the cover, it is slightly better. Slightly.

  2. A nice cover, which I don't believe I'd heard before, though if (God forbid) 'The River' were to be reduced to a single LP, the haunting 'Stolen Car' would certainly make the cut. A vote for Bruce.

  3. Definitely Patty. Lovely voice.

  4. I like Patty but she sounded a bit whiny on that. Sorry.

  5. Liked both, actually. Giving it a draw. Draw goes to the home team. Bruce it is.

  6. Despite the gender change, it's the Patty version for me too - made me feel all weepy.

  7. I'm with Rol on this back to my default, Bruce all the way.

    Btw the river if fine as it is thank you very much.