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Saturday 27 May 2017

Springsteen Covered - If I Should Fall Behind

Well that was a pretty convincing whooping handed out to the Boss last week by Ted Leo with his version of Dancing in the Dark. It would appear that if you wish Bruce to get a trouncing you only have to feature something from Born in the USA.
Given that the scores have now narrowed to The Boss 7 The Rest 4 I won't resort to such desperate tactics - just yet.
This week will be more interesting (for me at least) given that it features two versions of a song that I am not at all  familiar with - If I Should Fall Behind.
Taken from Lucky Town one of two albums along with Human Touch released simultaneously in 1992 when for me he was in a bid of a slump prior to a resurgence with The Ghost of Tom Joad and The Rising
Up against Bruce this week is indie favourite and former Go-Between the late great Grant McLennan. His version was the b-side of his 1993 single Lighting Fires

It's a win for the Aussies for me this week. Others of course may choose to disagree.

Bruce Springsteen - If I Should Fall Behind

Grant McLennan - If I Should Fall Behind


  1. Bruce for me but if you had posted this then it would have been a different story.

    1. This is the first page I opened when I switched the computer on. And as always ready to vote ABB. But my vote actually goes to Bruce, much much better than the cover. Although whoever that is that Drew has provided would get my vote.

    2. Thanks. It's splendid.

  2. I keep being confounded by this series. Another vote for Bruce please! His voice just sounds nice and rich here, the cover not so.

  3. Yes, Bruce. But Dion would probably get Bruce's vote.

  4. Forgive me, CC, but I have to vote for Dion. ;-)

  5. Grant is a hero that's sorely missed. Still, gotta go Bruce.

  6. It's Dion for me too but as he's not in contention it'll have to be Bruce.

  7. My first and probably last vote in this series.

    Grant (RIP)

    And the vote is cast without even listening to either version.

    And I can see that, just like my football team, I'm backing the losing side.