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Monday 15 May 2017


In 1992 British hip hop/electronic dance group Stereo MCs scored massive hits with the single Connected and the album of  the same name.
However a follow up album did not appear for nearly  a decade.
I've no idea why not
Maybe they were too hip hop/dancey for the mainstream and too mainstream for the hip hop/dancey crew.
An album I played a lot at the time and very rarely since.
Perhaps that's the reason

There are also two schools of thought as to whether an apostrophe should feature. I'm doing without.

Stereo MCs - Connected

Stereo MCs - Step it Up


  1. Agree. Without.

  2. I bought this record at the time because it was deemed to be a "must have". However, every party I attended around then ALWAYS aired it and pretty soon I got really tired of it. I don't think I've played it for more than 20 years!

  3. Their lead singer never looked well and still doesn't. Did like dancing to this back in the day though.

    You are right the official name does have an apostrophe but not grammatically correct unless they originally had another word at the end which was dropped. Any suggestions? Deck?

  4. Loved it at the time, barely played since especially they started advertising mobile phone companies with it. I have their 2 earlier albums too. No apostrophe.