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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Some Commotional Music

Slim pickings from our recent trawl of the charity shops of Stranraer.
One CD I did come away with was Lloyd Cole and the Commotions 1984 -1989..
14 tracks of which I already owned 9 having both Rattlesnakes ( on vinyl and CD) and Easy Pieces (on vinyl) on the shelves..
That left 5 I didn't have - 4 from the third album Mainstream and You Will Never Be So Good the b-side of Perfect Skin.
Given the quality on offer I think that  acquiring these five for £1.99 was a pretty good piece of business.
Here are two of the four from Mainstream.

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - Mr Malcontent

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - Jennifer She Said


  1. Nice one. I'm on a bit of a Lloyd Cole kick myself at the moment, having seen the great man in concert a couple of weeks back. He's a funny fella.

  2. That's 2 albums that were purchased for £1.99 on your trip. Are the shops putting their prices up?

  3. They vary from 50p up to £1.99
    BHF and Oxfam the most expensive

  4. Mainstream's a great album. Lloyd prefers it to Easy Pieces too (which I think is the main reason that's never been re-released on CD). Swede's right too, he's great live. I've probably seen him live more than any other artist.

    1. The only time I've seen him live was drinking in the Rock Garden in Glasgow!

    2. Could that be on a new feature? Artists I have seen having a pint?

      I was in a toilet stall next to Christopher Eccleston once. He was on the phone to his agent.

  5. CC - that's the only time I saw him too, at least I think it was him. My mate said it was

  6. I did like Moosehead lager. Fucking expensive shop, the Rock Garden.

  7. Just about have it covered, but you'll probably still want Mainstream. Guessing it does not come up too often in the charity shops.