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Wednesday 3 May 2017

Burnt Offerings 17

Well it was always going to happen I suppose.I'm just a bit surprised that I got to  Burnt Offerings 17 before I came to a CD with less than 3 artists featured before.
Actually the Jolly Ranchers from Loredo, Texas are the only ones who have never featured before and after listening to this you can probably see why. Here is their version of Country Roads from their 2003 album  12 Gauge. I think it and Highway 99 can be downloaded free should you feel the urge

The Jolly Ranchers - Country Roads

Ryan Adams and Beth Orton have both appeared on these pages but never together. I never knew until now that they were an item at one stage
I now find that he has written at least three songs about her You Will Always be  the Same, For Beth and English Girls Approximately.
He didn't write this

Ryan Adams & Beth Orton - Brown Sugar

For my third choice I debated whether to feature someone who I have posted before or to pick someone from a previous Burnt Offering who hasn't graced these pages.
I chose the later and so her is Canadian alternative hip hop artist Richard Terfry better known as Buck 65 whom I first discovered via Andy Kershaw's radio shows

Buck 65 - Drawing Curtains

Three never before featured acts next Wednesday


  1. Didn't Ryan Adams work with Beth on Concrete Sky too? Memory might be faulty on that. Buck 65 I can take in small bursts, but I will definitely be looking further into the work if the Jolly Ranchers if their version of Country Roads is anything to go by.

  2. Can't find a free download for those albums anywhere. They don't even appear to have a website, just a facebook page. Can't even find anywhere to BUY their music! ;-)

    1. I can copy them for you like Rol
      If it's any consolation Country Roads is probably their best number

    2. That's a kind offer, but your caveat leads me to think I'd probably never get round to listening to them... as with 30% of my record collection... so I won't put you out. Thanks, anyway.