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Wednesday 10 May 2017

Burnt Offerings 18

Burnt Offerings 18 and this week we get religion ... of sorts

First up are Ministry with the mighty Jesus Built my Hotrod.
They are joined by guest vocalist Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers fame.Al Jougerson explains the collaborative process
Gibby came down completely drunk off his ass to the studio we're at in Chicago. He couldn't even sit on a stool, let alone sing. I mean, he was wasted. He fell off the stool about ten times during the recording of that vocal. He made no sense and it was just gibberish. So I spent two weeks editing tape of what he did - Rock'n'roll!
My abiding memory of this song is of me, George and another couple of pals jumping out a car at a French service station and doing air guitar as this was belting out at full volume.
It is the only thing I've ever heard from Ministry but I suspect it is all you need

Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod

From Jesus to the Devil. I think I must of stumbled across somewhere posting Stones covers as this is the second in as many weeks,
I've always been slightly worried in case the politics of Slovenian electro-industrial band Laibach may be slightly suspect. They have been describes as both far left and far right and as racially ambiguous.
It may  of course all be part of the act - let's hope so

Laibach - Sympathy For The Devil

After these two songs it is perhaps time to cleanse the palate somewhat  and who better to do that than The Blind Boys of Alabama a group who have been about in various iterations since Jesus was a lad.
This song is from 2001 - hopefully the picture is from round about then too. I went for one in colour

Blind Boys of Alabama - I Just Want to See His Face

Some more agnostic nonsense next Wednesday


  1. At first glance I thought that top pic was another from the Glasgow weekend....

    Quite like a bit of Ministry though not heard much either, but still have a copy of NWO in the racks which is gloriously, angrily relentless. Just for whenever you're in that kind of mood.

    Also wondering if there's a story to be told behind the France air guitar incident?!

    1. They look like how some of us felt on Saturday
      No real story re French air guitar - just Brits abroad I'm afraid

    2. Speaking as a Brit abroad, I would like it to be known that there is no air-guitar playing in this part of the world. By me, that is.

  2. 'Jesus Built my Hotrod' is superb, but I've never felt the inclination to delve any deeper into Ministry's oeuvre.

  3. hen I worked at HMV there was a big Ministry fan. He'd play it full volume in the shop when it was closed. Put me right off them.

  4. Of the three, I'll go with Blind Boys of Alabama, but the Ministry song has its merits. Like others here, never quite got Ministry, but I had pals that swore by them.