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Monday 8 May 2017

Coldplay Monday

To give you an idea as to how much alcohol was consumed on Friday as we nursed our hangovers over the first drink of the day on Saturday it was agreed that today be known as Coldplay Monday and that we should all feature something by them.
Believe it or not  there was a certain rationale to this and if you care to visit JC's place today all will be revealed.
It will be interesting to see if anyone bottles out.
Needless to say you are only getting the one song and it won't be up for long.

Nobody said it was easy

Coldplay - The Scientist


  1. How could you choose just one from your bountiful collection? Thanks for everything, CC. It was a weekend to be remembered. You Scottish boys don't walk by a pub. You walk through them!

  2. Have you put your Coldplay collection on your wife's CD shelves?

    1. I don't have a separate section as such but it is perhaps not a bad idea given that she can never find what she is looking for in my entirely logical and easily findable system

    2. I think a trial separation could be on the cards. I, of course, recommend a full and final split, total separation to a different room entirely, with no possibility of a reconciliation.

  3. I WISH my other half would listen to Coldplay. It'd be a lot more pleasant than some of the tat she puts on!

  4. It's my son at the moment Rol. He was doing so well but now it's all this very hard techno with incredibly bad MC'ing over the top of it. I am hoping it's a phase but I am finding it harder and harder to resist from shouting "turn thst bloody racket down"!

  5. 'It will be interesting to see if anyone bottles out.'
    Yep, it will be.

  6. I see what you have all done there. I must say it's awfully kind to all prove KC right though.

  7. It was great to hook up with you CC and huge thanks for playing such a big part in making the weekend such a success.

    If the price of us all meeting up again was a rule that it must be followed by a Coldplay Monday then I'd be happy for 52 of them every year....although I do reserve the right to go to the football on Saturdays; missing out last weekend was torture, as you well know given you watched me constantly fiddle with the phone to keep up with scores.