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Friday, 2 June 2017

Nevermind - Glitterhouse is 20

I know some of you were beginning to get a bit twitchy given that there has been no Americana round these parts yet this week.
Well twitch no longer as I give you Glitterhouse is 20 (in fact given that this is from February  2005 they are actually 32)
One of the two great German Americana labels (the other being Blue Rose) they are from Beverungen in North Rhine-Westphalia and were founded by Reinhart Holstein and Rembert Stiewe. Gentlemen, we salute you
A number of their artists have previously graced these pages  including the two featured below
A three CD compilation comprising of 51 tracks with CD 3 effectively being a Glitterhouse Greatest Hits. Not surprisingly these two are from that disc.
If this is to hard to track down or outwith your price range - worry not. Come Fly With Us a single CD compilation is available out there for buttons.

Jon Dee Graham - Big Sweet Life

Nadine - Angela


  1. By 'Americana' do you mean denying climate change, disparaging non-whites, alienating our allies, supporting dictators and generally acting like a fucking orange idiot? Or was it something music-related?

  2. Nadine were a terrific little band.